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Last weekend while my wife and I were away and took in the Bird of Prey exhibit, we stayed at one of our favourite motels. That Sunday morning I was going through the channels on the TV and came across Charles Price, he was talking about a well known passage of scripture that is if I remember correctly is recorded in 3 of the gospel accounts; it was about Peter stepping out of the boat in the midst of a horrific storm tossed sea.
Often we are so familiar with what the scriptures have to say that listening to anything more on it can sometimes just go by the way side.

What Charles Price called his talk was, When the Things Over our Head are Under His feet, you can listen and watch it here.

Also for any that might be interested, I want to make available here a great article by my friend Dave Price, you can read it here.

I especially loved how Dave worded this; “What does God say about us? God says that we are the most valuable thing in all creation – but do you feel like the most valuable thing in creation? God says that He delights in us – delight, that’s a pretty powerful word, but do you feel delighted in? God says that we can be everything He created us to be, yet we are deceived into becoming nothing. We have to find a way to move beyond what we have believed to what we must believe, because deep in our hearts somehow we have known all along that there is more to this than what we have experienced – something deeper, some greater expression of who we really are. This is my sole, soul pursuit – to know myself as I am known by God, to believe of myself what He believes about me, to walk on the water not because I believe in Him, I do above all else and He knows that, but because I finally convince myself to believe what He believes about me. I am consumed by the desire to draw closer to, to know more fully, the One who knows me, the Who believes in me, the Who has given His everything for me, to believe what He believes about me – that is the person I haven’t begun to discover.”

This continues to resonate within me, wow, then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the Scriptures!


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