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It’s pretty much a given that most of us are aware of what second hand smoke has done in contributing to serious health conditions in non-smokers but, I want to take a look at something that is far more destructive than blowing smoke; fear.

We’ve all been born into a world that has imprisoned us and tries to keep us from seeing and knowing that there is a life beyond living and acting out of fear.
Much like a pedophile who grooms his nest victim, we have all been meticulously groomed in fear. Fear permeates everything we do, think and feel; there’s no escape apart from knowing the truth of God’s love and even then it’s a continuing ongoing battle.

Some of the most fear-filled people I know unfortunately are Christians, although most would adamantly deny their inner entanglement; and I haven’t escaped or gone unscathed from this internal mental and emotional steeple hurdling either.
Words no matter how right, good, and true they might be, be they coming from the mouth of a Christian, a Buddhist, a Hindu or whomever, our actions often will make null and void what we’re trying to say, what we’re trying to teach our children or even, one another.
This is in no way an indictment of blaming, shaming or heaping guilt upon anyone at all, simply pointing out that what we have been so badly infected with can be wonderfully turned around.

In getting to experience the power of God’s perfect and totally unconditional love, there is set into motion inner dynamics that are seismic in nature in my opinion. It talks about perfect love (in the scriptures) casting out all fear in a persons life, establishing a way of life and a way of living that becomes less and less of a knee-jerking sad saga. The love of God is an ongoing integration that wants to envelope us at the core of our being deeply infecting us, spirit soul and body, mind will and emotions.
From my experience, in over coming fear in so many ways, I am discovering what some have discovered long ago, that the world is not flat; fear produces flat minded thinking and reasoning that becomes the accepted dogma that begins to weave an ever constricting straightjacket of immobility.

There’s so much I could share on fear and how it’s poisoned and crippled me in so many ways, but I’d rather share a few examples of how love is daily transforming my everyday living.
There was a time when I would never give the time of day to reading anything without the holy and sacred seal of the literature being “Christian”. Over the recent years not only with literature but also with conversations via pod casts etc that do not qualify as being scared, I am discovering I am not reaching for my holy water or silver crucifix to ward of any polluting or corrupting infections. I am truly in awe with amazement and wonder of a world that is inviting me to experience, that was always there but obscured from my senses because of fear.

Relationally I am growing more secure and confident as a person, and this is spilling out in so many ways, at home with my wife, with my grown up children and with my co-workers and in general, the fellow humans I engage on a daily basis.
It is my personal belief that as the life and love of God becomes integrated into all aspects of our physical, emotional and spiritual components, our lives transmit an aroma and a soundness of wonder and beauty that appears to have been lost so very long ago. Without trying to prove anything, without trying to solicit or proselytize anyone we live and move unobtrusively and yet and in most cases unbeknownst to us others are drawn to the oasis of our lives that somehow speak of there being a living and loving place of solace, acceptance and affirmation.



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