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If we start out with a fear based perspective viewing anything that is recorded within the scriptures in the bible, guaranteed you’re going to make it mean what you want it to mean, there is NO deviation permitted. Thing is, the “letter kills” but the spirit makes the letter “come alive” beyond just printed words on a page

I am looking at what God the Father did from before the foundations of the earth by opening a door that no man can shut; Jesus, being God’s lamb slain before the foundations of the earth made it possible for man to fully enter into the fullness of what the Father, Son and Spirit operated in.

It says that it was God in Christ reconciling the world back unto himself, no longer holding man’s trespasses against them. So, in the finished work of God in Christ, does the reconciliation that was perfectly worked out by God from before space, time, and history as well as it being consummated within space, time, and history mean that everyone is no longer in the first Adam but are now in the “last Adam-Christ Jesus”?

My question ties into the demarcations that many have been hog-tied to, that being Jews and Gentiles, but from the scriptures those demarcations have been removed, the language being this, either being in Christ or still being in Adam.

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