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“How do you view God, how do you view how he sees you”; these were some of the questions posed in a conversation I was listening to today.
As the conversation progressed one of the people was saying that so many if not most of the mental disorders experienced by so many were symptomatic of a much deeper need, the need to let God the Father love them to the very depths of their being.
We are a reflection of who we believe He (God) is! We will ultimately be conformed to the image of who we believe our Father in heaven is.

There has to be something that touches, goes to the very depths of our inner most being, as it were an inside job of freeing us from our shadow boxing with one symptom after another.
In my opinion so much of what presents itself as “self-help” cure all’s is nothing more than an old snake oil disguised in a modern and hip language that continues to appeal to the longing of our heart; and that longing is to be 100% unconditionally loved.

In the New Testament Jesus said to his disciples; “A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another as I have loved you,” and I believe it goes without saying that this applies as much to us today as it did then, we’re all the same in that we were created to be lavishly loved, we were wired to receive His love in copious amounts.
This has nothing to do with trying to follow or attempting to obey the Law as in, “You are to love the Lord your God with all of your being and your neighbour as yourself.” It’s impossible, we love Him because He first loved us, and most of the Christian world will wag their heads in agreement to that fact, but, sadly this is more of a believed dogma than an internally received and accepted reality.

As I was listening to something the other day it was put this way to me, Jesus was saying; “let me love you first and last, in so doing we will discover how to love one another. IN choosing to let the Father love us is not something that can be boiled down to a set of steps or principles. More than anything else it like everything dealing with God is all about revelation.
The video clip I chose to use here with this blog entry says through some crazy humour what I am trying to convey, a repeated and chanted mantra of in this case of, “I feel great, I feel good, I feel wonderful” is not going to free us from our internal demons that plague us relentlessly.

What we need to hear is going to come from a much deeper place than the thoughts and voices we hear most days pointing out what a worthless shit we are. We have been so groomed to hear what we believe to be true about us; I guess you might look upon these as being “true lies.” In learning to let God the Father love us is in my opinion is quite simple although don’t ever confuse that with being easy, the simplicity is in simply attempting to agree with what will sound so foreign to us in that we are Loved.
There will never be any real lasting going the distance of having any confidence, or sensing a true and vibrant beauty to our lives apart from learning to take those baby steps of agreeing with God that what he is saying about me is the Truth!
The beauty of who we are must be a revelation.

I want to bring this to a close by sharing something here that deeply touched me the other day when my wife who has been doing a huge amount of preliminary steps of working with our son in dealing with a fire he had in his house almost two years ago, a much too long story to share here right now. She was told that in the case of house fires one of the most thorough and complete ways of dealing with smoke damage is to use a thermal fogging machine. A professional using one of these devices will successfully eradicate and neutralize the odours completely.
The pigmentation of our soul has been infused with something far more intrusive and destructive than smoke damage, we have been born to believe that God hates us and that were not worthy to receive any love.
I saw open up before my senses that (at least for me) I need God the Father’s thermal fog machine to free me from what has stained my every thought, and in so doing freeing me to be the best Rich that ever could be, and that isn’t going to happen by repeating a lifeless mantra.



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Of late I’ve been listening to some earth shattering good news, the thing is, in mentioning this, so much of what has been labeled as the “Gospel” which is meant to be “good-news” is anything but that. I want to share some of it here. For those that will take the time to watch and listen, I trust you will like wise be greatly encouraged.
Be ready to have your world rocked; in the process of the Truth setting, making you free, often it will first, make you miserable.


Peri monthly Meeting August 2011 P1 – Dr Bruce Wauchope from Perichoresis Australia on Vimeo.

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Wonderful thoughts expressed here by C. Baxter Kruger over at Baxter’s Ongoing Thoughts.

The following is taken from First Words that Baxter posted on April 1, 2012.

One of the pivotal things Baxter says imo is this; “Among you stands. He is here, present, not absent, in your presence, and you do not know him.”
Is that not true today, the One whom the Father has sent who resides within the life as the life of the believer, is actively present, but, how many really know Him beyond some theological and doctrinal head wagging agreement?


In his ‘discussion’ with the religious delegation sent out to discover his identity, the Baptist answered, “I baptize in water, but among you stands One whom you do not know.” Among you stands. He is here, present, not absent, in your presence, and you do not know him. The Baptist’s disciples, unlike the religious group, hear their leader, turn and follow Jesus. They see something in Jesus. They want to know where he dwells. Jesus does not give a theological answer about his dwelling. He does not name the place or describe how to get there. He does not give them a map—if he did, no doubt, we would all try to get there without him.

Jesus had to be thinking to himself, ‘so, you boys want to know where I dwell?’ With what must have been a wry smile, he simply says to these two young men, “Come, and you will see.” Walk with me and you will know for yourself. You cannot find the answer you seek in your heads. This is not about five esoteric principles that can you apply to your life for your own betterment. This is not about a place where the Father’s blessings are housed, and can be accessed. This is about relationship. Jesus is the one who knows the Father and dwells in his bosom. Jesus is the one upon whom the Holy Spirit dwells. He has come to be with us. He is the living one. He has life. We cannot have what he has without him. He commands us to walk with him. This is a command of relationship, full of eternal promise. Walk with me. Put your agenda away, let go of your ideas, walk with me and I will show you who I am, and who my Father is, and the Holy Spirit, and thus who you are, and what your souls actually seek, and you will dwell with me in my Father’s bosom in my anointing in the Holy Spirit.

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For most of us as believers, rather than having our minds being transformed (which is a life long process), we have allowed our minds to be brainwashed – or as the scriptures point out, conformed or squeezed into the world’s image.

Anyone who has spent any amount of time within the corral of the religious institutions has, in my opinion, experienced one hell of a time sorting and sifting things out, especially in trying to re-discover who s/he actually is apart from all of the religious trappings and baggage s/he’s been saddled with.

For most of us, we view our humanity as being a serious blight to what we have erroneously misunderstood what it means to be a “saint.” Sometimes I see it much like the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in the sense that we have a split personality, one being the saint and the other, some kind of hideous, raging out of control monster barely lurking beneath our skin, lying in wait to overtake us.

I want to share an incident that happened to me earlier this year at work that hopefully will elucidate my point more clearly: I’m a letter carrier and I deliver parcels as well. The way my route is set up is very unique. My letter mail is sorted up by another carrier which I pick up along with my parcels before I go out to do my route. The particular carrier that sorts his and my mail together is also our local union president. When the mail is overly heavy, and he doesn’t have it ready for me when I’m ready to go, is something I have to work around. This is no big deal, but when he stops preparing our mail to attend to some union demand, the mail sits there until he comes back. This can be for a brief period but often is much longer.

I spoke to our manager about it and he assured me it would not happen again. He assured me that when the other carrier hast to leave for any union business, there would be someone coming in during his absence to keep sorting and getting the mail ready for me.

Long story short, while the manager was recovering from surgery, the mail disruption incident occurred again! My day had already been one of intense inner battling, so this didn’t set well with me because I had to come back several times, and each time I would check to see if my letter mail was ready. The last time I came back, it was still not finished or pulled for me. I blew a gasket! I saw that the mail had been all sorted but not pulled. I loudly yelled, “This is bull shit!” and, “This pisses me off!” I was about to leave when the supervisor came over to see what was wrong. When I told him, he replied he was sorry he had not arranged for someone else to finish up the mail- prepping while the regular carrier was busy with union business.

I mentioned this incident to my wife yesterday and said that I was neither proud nor ashamed of what had happened. In fact it was a real coming out for me! How, you might ask?

First of all, a Christian doesn’t ever swear or get upset, right? Bull shit, Wrong!
Secondly, if a Christian DOES get angry, he’s supposed to suppress it in order to be ‘nice’ and then go all ‘Mr. Rogers’. To many of my fellow Christians, the fact that I went all ‘Postal’ would indicate to them that I must have been off my meds that day, and they would be right – because not only was I OFF my meds, I never was ON any meds! I was simply being myself – a human – and no less a saint because I blew up than if I never expressed any emotion whatsoever.
Thirdly, it felt damned good to express my righteous anger! Religion would have us humans, both male and female, gelded so that we become in essence, impotent. No WONDER men find it hard to relate to Jesus when he’s portrayed as being such a milk-toast, meek and mild, wouldn’t hurt a little child kind of guy.


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You diligently study the Scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life. (John 5:39 NIV)

This article is from Austin Sparks.

Ministry is the expression of Life, and not the taking on of a uniform and a title. Once I thought that to be in the ministry was to go into a certain kind of work, to come out of business, and, well, be a minister! So one got into the thing. Many, many are laboring and toiling in it, breaking their hearts, afraid to leave that order of things, lest they should be violating what they conceived to be a Divine call. Many others cannot get out of it because it is a means of livelihood, and they too are breaking their hearts. It is all false. Ministry is not a system like that. Ministry is the expression of Life, and that is but saying in other words that it is the outworking of the indwelling of Christ.

Disaster lies before the man or woman who ministers on any other ground than that. When the Lord gets a chance in us, and we really will trust Him on that ground and take our position there, He will show us that there is ministry enough for us; we shall not have to go round looking for it. The real labor so often is to get us down to that ground, the delivering of us from this present evil age even in its conception of the ministry, unto the heavenly ministry.

The Lord Jesus is our pattern. You see the spontaneous ministry, the restful ministry of that Heavenly Man. I covet that! It does not mean that we shall become careless, but it does deliver us from so much unnecessary strain. That is how it should be. May the Lord bring us to it; the heavenly Man with the heavenly Life as the full heavenly Resource.
Regarding ministry, here is a bit of dialogue between me and a friend, Dave said; If ministry is best defined as life, and not the career that mainstream Christianity has made it out to be, then I’m in the thick of it, simply ministering by a simple principle I learned in the Marine Corps – field of vision care. Every Marine has a field of vision, and he is solely and only responsible for taking care of what crosses that field of vision; when every Marine fulfills his duty no work is left undone, no flank is left unprotected, no person is left behind. That’s the way I approach ministry now – cross my field of vision and I care. About a year and a half ago I started writing again, seeking out places on the internet that I could share that writing. That has slowly evolved into what I’ve put up on Hubpages, a couple of recent magazine articles, the friendship with Pete and the conversations we’ve had which have ended up on his blog, and now to you.

I replied; It’s so true, if ministry is best defined as life, then I too have discovered that in knowing and growing in the true knowledge of the Father’s love, he releases in and through us that which every soul craves.
There was a distinct time several years later, I still remember after getting back to what I had originally done in working at the Post Office, one day seemingly out of nowhere I sensed Father pointing out to me, “this is ministry son, you being where I want you, and you, simply being me to your co-workers.”
It had all come full circle, all those years pursuing ministry and all the time little did I know that what I was looking for was Him finding and breathing new life into a lost son.


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Most of us fine ideas more believable and trustworthy if they come with a “pedigree” from a number of biblical scholars (people with credentials from formal study) or ideas that have the blessing of some institution or other. Yet the lesson we get from God through Jesus is that none of these worldly criteria hold much worth in God’s economy: “Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and his answers.” (Luke 2:47)

Neither credentials nor size means anything to the Father. A body of misunderstanding is not made true by volume or how many people ascribe to it. A big body of falsehood is not true-it is only big. As for tradition, it is only old. There are any number of myths that have survived down through the ages. They are still wrong, in spite of their age and the number of people who believe them. Humans often are sidetracked by size, popularity and longevity. In the end, however, none of these traits have any intrinsic weight of truth.

The one characteristic about human bodies of knowledge concerning spiritual matters is that they tend to be static. Whenever people assemble a collection of knowledge about God, one of the first things they do is to classify it, codify it and lock it up in a box of limitations. This box is a doctrine or statement of faith-“these are the things we believe to be true and everything else is false (by definition).” For this reason, every established body of human knowledge is to some greater or lesser extent, static. While such bodies of knowledge may contain many truths they are, because of their static nature, dead.

The only thing that human systems of understanding can do is reproduce themselves including their own limitations. When we go to university we study the assembled body of knowledge. We are graded on how well we can assimilate this body of knowledge and parrot back some percentage of it. For this reason when we limit ourselves to such systems we never go beyond the traditional knowledge. We are, in many cases, even punished for going “outside the lines” and formulating new understandings from the previously held knowledge.
This punishment is especially likely if our new understandings challenge some part of the old knowledge base.

If any growth is allowed in human collections of traditional understanding it is in volume only. What I mean is that we may allow new knowledge to be added to the system but only conditionally. We will allow new facts about previously unknown issues or we will allow currently generated data to be added to the body of knowledge if it is supportive of existing understanding. Where new understandings are rejected is when this new knowledge challenges the existing understandings. Any new or additional understanding is permitted without objection only if it is based on and consistent with the basic understanding of the old data-base.


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We’ve all seen and heard know it all’s and how that has mostly left us looking for a way to avoid this rare breed of superior humanity as quickly as possible. Thing is, for those who have been received of the Father, been made one in and with Him, we actually know a whole lot more than we think we know, really!

There’s two kinds of knowing the bible talks about, without getting into the Greek meanings, lets just put it this way, there’s the spontaneous intuitive knowing that is purely subjective, meaning, its as if seemingly out of nowhere, we have this flash of genius, knowing that we know that we never studied for or even thought about it with any in-depth searching.
The other knowing is an experiential objective knowing that is used to substantiate the subjective intuitive knowing we received that had no bearing upon our formal education or intellectual abilities.
These things I have written to you concerning those who are trying to deceive you. As for you, the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and you have no need for anyone to teach you; but as His anointing teaches you about all things, and is true and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you abide in Him. 1 John 2:26-27

What if the massive extent of available Christian teaching is the cause of most of our confusion?

Can we still learn from one another? For sure, but that learning can only come as it is built upon the reality that the knowledge of God is already within the one we would teach. I cannot teach you something that you don’t already have inherently within you through the Spirit of God. If you read the letters of the apostles, it becomes clear that they fully understood this in how they taught. While the religious world uses the written word of God, especially the New Testament letters, to teach you what they assume you do not understand, they were written with a view to the mind of Christ within you. Paul’s main approach in writing his long logical letter to the Roman believers was to systematically destroy the logic of the natural mind that constantly presenting itself as wisdom, while at the same time, he uncovered the truth of their new life in Christ the truth that was their inheritance, the truth that was within them because of the mind of Christ within them.


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