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From the moment I became lucid and conscious of the reality of God being someone not far removed from me, somehow I intuitively knew certain things about Him that I had no point of reference for, I was unable to reconcile what I was sensing with what had taken place within me, compared to the plethora of things men were trying to teach me.
I’ve used this video clip from one of my all time favourite movies, The Matrix, to help illustrate my point as it was graphically being pointed out to Neo.

In scripture it talks about there being no need for a “teacher” to teach us, because of the spirit of God that has been joined to our spirit, he will teach us all that we stand in need of. That is not dismissing what will be confirmed to us through others in what they have to say but, if we’re not first hearing what the father of our spirit is trying to convey to us, at best we will adopt and adapt to human dogma.

The Truth being a living person Jesus Christ, who has been and is continuously trying to bring us repeatedly into a clearer understanding, of what is already ours in our re-birthing. There has come to us in the miracle of responding to the spirits work, an innate and intimate knowledge of something (someone) we never went to school for, when we dismiss or suppress this spontaneous and intuitive flow of life we may gain a lot of head knowledge, but inevitably we will be brought back many times to that which has become like a splinter in our brain.


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