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“How do you view God, how do you view how he sees you”; these were some of the questions posed in a conversation I was listening to today.
As the conversation progressed one of the people was saying that so many if not most of the mental disorders experienced by so many were symptomatic of a much deeper need, the need to let God the Father love them to the very depths of their being.
We are a reflection of who we believe He (God) is! We will ultimately be conformed to the image of who we believe our Father in heaven is.

There has to be something that touches, goes to the very depths of our inner most being, as it were an inside job of freeing us from our shadow boxing with one symptom after another.
In my opinion so much of what presents itself as “self-help” cure all’s is nothing more than an old snake oil disguised in a modern and hip language that continues to appeal to the longing of our heart; and that longing is to be 100% unconditionally loved.

In the New Testament Jesus said to his disciples; “A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another as I have loved you,” and I believe it goes without saying that this applies as much to us today as it did then, we’re all the same in that we were created to be lavishly loved, we were wired to receive His love in copious amounts.
This has nothing to do with trying to follow or attempting to obey the Law as in, “You are to love the Lord your God with all of your being and your neighbour as yourself.” It’s impossible, we love Him because He first loved us, and most of the Christian world will wag their heads in agreement to that fact, but, sadly this is more of a believed dogma than an internally received and accepted reality.

As I was listening to something the other day it was put this way to me, Jesus was saying; “let me love you first and last, in so doing we will discover how to love one another. IN choosing to let the Father love us is not something that can be boiled down to a set of steps or principles. More than anything else it like everything dealing with God is all about revelation.
The video clip I chose to use here with this blog entry says through some crazy humour what I am trying to convey, a repeated and chanted mantra of in this case of, “I feel great, I feel good, I feel wonderful” is not going to free us from our internal demons that plague us relentlessly.

What we need to hear is going to come from a much deeper place than the thoughts and voices we hear most days pointing out what a worthless shit we are. We have been so groomed to hear what we believe to be true about us; I guess you might look upon these as being “true lies.” In learning to let God the Father love us is in my opinion is quite simple although don’t ever confuse that with being easy, the simplicity is in simply attempting to agree with what will sound so foreign to us in that we are Loved.
There will never be any real lasting going the distance of having any confidence, or sensing a true and vibrant beauty to our lives apart from learning to take those baby steps of agreeing with God that what he is saying about me is the Truth!
The beauty of who we are must be a revelation.

I want to bring this to a close by sharing something here that deeply touched me the other day when my wife who has been doing a huge amount of preliminary steps of working with our son in dealing with a fire he had in his house almost two years ago, a much too long story to share here right now. She was told that in the case of house fires one of the most thorough and complete ways of dealing with smoke damage is to use a thermal fogging machine. A professional using one of these devices will successfully eradicate and neutralize the odours completely.
The pigmentation of our soul has been infused with something far more intrusive and destructive than smoke damage, we have been born to believe that God hates us and that were not worthy to receive any love.
I saw open up before my senses that (at least for me) I need God the Father’s thermal fog machine to free me from what has stained my every thought, and in so doing freeing me to be the best Rich that ever could be, and that isn’t going to happen by repeating a lifeless mantra.



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Last week I was listening to another great pod cast with Krista Tippett over at On Being, interviewing Rex Jung, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of New Mexico, he’s a practicing clinical neurophysiologist in Albuquerque.
I especially loved this; “How do we prime our brains to take the meandering mental paths necessary for creativity? New techniques of brain imaging, Rex Jung says, are helping us gain a whole new view on the differences between intelligence, creativity, and personality. He unsettles some old assumptions — and suggests some new connections between creativity and family life, creativity and aging, and creativity and purpose.”
You can listen to the pod cast here, along with additional conversations dealing with what Rex Jung shared in the interview.

Krista said something I had to listen to over and over; “Making meaning out of whatever the raw materials of your life is really the ultimate creative work of the everyday, and of a lifetime.”
That thought trigger this, from Luke 3:4-6 from the Message Bible; “Thunder in the desert!
“Prepare God’s arrival! Make the road smooth and straight! Every ditch will be filled in, every bump smoothed out, the detours straightened out, all the ruts paved over. Everyone will be there to see the parade of (the glory) God’s salvation.”

How many times have you like me experienced the frustration of reeling out your hose ready to water the garden or the trees only to find next to nothing coming out as you are squeezing the trigger , you might think, did I pay me last water bill, yes, is the flow from the city line still okay to my house, yes, is the hose connected properly to the spigot, and is it turn on, yes. Well then what the heck is wrong? You in frustration walk all the way back checking the hose only to find the source of your problem, a kink, so, you un-kink it walk back and try all over again only to discover, no free flow of the needed water!
Walking back once again you examine the hose more carefully this and hopefully the last time, oh, I see what it is, more, several more kinks I didn’t see the first time. In taking the time to remove those additional kinks proved to be all that was needed to see the life giving flow of water released upon the needy garden.

In our first birth, being born alienated from God, there is in my opinion the imprinted birth mark of, “I am not” deeply staining our entire soul; I see that being much like a barren wasteland. The remedy the world has to offer in addressing this malady often referred to as one having very “low self-esteem, self-worth and self-image”, is spelled out in many different ways, but from what I have seen and experienced in my own life, it’s the futile attempt to try and change or alter ones self from the outside in.
What I want to talk about here is in fact that one size does fit all of us, meaning, the perfect and complete unconditional love that God the Father has for each of us is what we intensely crave, but not knowing anything else but a (version of) love based upon our performance, its always about our efforts to try and change the course of our lives.
There are many contributing factors that have put as it were the kinks in our lives, preventing the experiential flow of the Father’s deep and ever lasting love to do what it was meant to do in each of us.

For me scripturally, my name Richard means; God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. Fear has been something that has hounded me all of my life even to this day, but, what I am beginning to recognise is that in making choices, one by one where-in the impetus behind those choices is the grace of God, is an effort to simply allow my Father to take the kinks out that are blocking the life giving flow of His great love into the barren wilderness of my soul.

One of the tangible fruits of the kinks coming out is a newly discovered and growing confidence that I was not born with, and please hear me, I’m not talking now of have having a greater self image or any other self improved ability that I somehow mustered up on my own.
For me and likely for most of us, we do not see the dynamics that are released in us in simply making choice after to choice to trust God, as a matter of fact, I see the Father winning us into a ever deepening ability to trust Him.

I want to graft into my thoughts here something my wife shared with me the other day while praying; “I was just praying and thinking of how God has softened both our hearts over the years…and this thought occurred to me: that he was able to do that softening each time we deliberately turned from lashing out in anger or jealousy or judgement in order, instead, to seek HIS way, HIS heart. At the time, perhaps we were thinking we were simply weak; we were just suppressing things, or keeping silent when we should have set somebody straight, or kept our mouths shut when we wanted to lash out in judgement. But over time, each turning was like one more raindrop eroding the surface of our granite-hard hearts.”

All of this and so much more flowed out of listening a couple of times to the afore mentioned pod cast.
What I have been trying to articulate is in my opinion, much to do with what the bible talks about, the transformation (metamorphosis) taking place with the renewing of our mind. Our soul; mind, will and emotions receiving the life and loving flow of God’s heart into ours, in turn causing the desert to blossom like a rose.

I would love hearing any feed back at all on my meandering thoughts,

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